Two Britons have become £1 million richer, just in time for Christmas. The winners are both females, one from Kent and another from London. The winning Londoner had invested £40,000 while the woman from Kent only had £5,300 invested.

Jill Waters, at NS&I, said: “Premium Bonds have made a real impact on people’s lives since the first prize draw in 1957, and while many good news stories never reach NS&I, Agent Million has endeavoured to deliver the news of a £1 million jackpot win come rain or shine, leaving with warm tales of the positive impact on the winners’ lives.”

In the final Premium Bonds draw of the year a total of 3.1 million prizes worth more than £91 million will be paid out.

But NS&I is now urging people to check their details, as there are currently more than 1.5 million unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes worth about £60 million.

In London alone, prizes worth £7.8 million have not been claimed.

NS&I will often release results for every bond and the highest winners of the month on different days.

The highest winners have numbers released first, and are listed on the NS&I website for people to check.

You can check if you’ve won here.

December’s Premium Bonds highest-value winners:

£1,000,000 – 122EX485646 – London

£1,000,000 – 336ED173008 – Kent

£100,000 – 37HG069698 – Bedfordshire

£100,000 – 273MR869227 – Surrey

£100,000 – 18XV015467 – West Midlands

£100,000 – 343AR159697 – Outer London

£100,000 – 280LA059979 – Hampshire and Isle of Wight

£50,000 – 137ND727713 – Greater Manchester

£50,000 – 300ZA085876 – North Yorkshire

£50,000 – 255EX405236 – Overseas

The prize checker, which allows everyone to check their bond numbers will be updated later.


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