Gamers have less than 24 hours to wait until the new Season of is brought online. 

Season 5 will drop tomorrow morning, bringing in a whole new theme, map, skins, and challenges for players to complete. 

Epic Games will take Fortnite offline for a few hours to bring in all the new content.

Fans are still speculating what the new season theme will be, with Epic Games dropping several hints in the hours running up to release. 

When will Fortnite go down? 

Fortnite Season 5 is set for release in the early hours of tomorrow morning. 

Gamers can expect the servers to go down at 9am BST (4am ET). As usual, players will be booted from their games roughly 20 minutes before the update is set to drop. 

Epic Games usually release new content over roughly a two hour period but it can often be longer than this so expect the Fortnite servers to be offline between one and a half and three hours. 

Fortnite veterans will be well used to server downtime, with Epic Games switching off the servers every Thursday for the new content update. 

Epic Games had previously scheduled content updates for Tuesday, but changes it to Thursday towards the later stages of Season 4.

All previous challenges from Season 4 will be wiped clean at the start of Season 5, so make sure you have completed everything you wanted before tomorrow morning. 

What will be in Fortnite Season 5?

Season 4 ended with a bang after a rocket was fired from The Visitor, detonating in the air and causing a huge spider-web-like crack in the sky. 

Players watched on as a rocket was blasted across the sky and now several rifts have spread across the map, with strange objects disappearing or appearing from locations. 

The Durr Burger from Greasy Grove and the tomato head from Tomato Town have disappeared from the game, while a large anchor and an odd western carriage has appeared. 

The strange goings-on in Fortnite’s map has caused fans to speculate the new theme will be time travel,

Epic Games have not released any details of what kind of skins or theme we can expect from Season 5 but they have been dropping several hints in the last few days.

The official Twitter account released two posters revealing a strange Kabuki mask with cat-like features and a giant battle axe causing a crack similar to the one in the sky of the Fortnite map. 

Fans will still have to wait a few days to find out what will happen in Season 5 but gamers should expect a few more teasers in the hours leading up to the release of Season 5. 


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