Epic Games has been teasing the release of Season 5 this week, which is set to drop on Fortnite servers tomorrow. 

Several teaser posters hinting at what is to come were posted to the @Fortnite_Games Twitter account last night, with the Season 5 hype reaching fever pitch. 

fans have less than 24 hours to wait until they can get their hands on the new Battle Pass and start the new grind to reach Tier 100 in the new season. 

Epic Games hasn’t confirmed any rumours before the release of the new season and fans are going wild to find out whether we will be seeing a new map. 

A new season brings new Fortnite challenges and gamers can’t wait to get started.

When is the Fortnite Season 5 release date? 

It has only been a few hours since the end of Season 4 of Fortnite but fans are already looking ahead to new challenges.

Epic Games are set to take servers offline tomorrow morning at 9am BST (4am ET) to bring in the new season in their latest patch update. 

Despite officially going offline at 9am BST, Fortnite services are likely to be offline roughly 20 minutes before then.

Epic Games has been a bit all over the place with managing new updates throughout Season 4, but services usually remain offline for roughly one and a half to three hours.

Fans can probably expect to start playing Season 4 by 11am BST (7am ET).

Epic Games has been hinting at potential themes for Season 5 but nothing concrete has been confirmed yet. 

All this week, strange things have been disappearing from the Fortnite map and appearing in the real world.

On Monday, the Durr Burger from Greasy Grove appeared in a desert in North America, while several purple llamas popped up major European cities. 

Many fans think the new Season 5 theme will revolve around time travel, with the rocket at the end of Season 4 opening up a time rift through dimensions. 

How much is the Season 5 Battle Pass?

The Season 5 Battle Pass will be available as soon as the game is back online. 

Like Season 4 before it, Season 5 is set to offer an array of new rewards, most of which are locked behind Battle Pass ownership.

While you can unlock a select number of the above with a Free Pass, it’s only with a Battle Pass that the second tier of elusive rewards is unlocked.

The Battle Pass is a premium item, and should again cost 950 V-Bucks. You can buy a bundle of 1,000 V-Bucks for around £8 / $10, or earn V-Bucks in-game through a variety of activities. 

The Season 4 Battle Pass offered the following unlocks:

• Two outfits – Carbide and Battlehawk

• 50 percent personal match XP boost

• 10 percent friend match XP boost

• Access to Weekly, Blockbuster and Carbide Challenges

These Challenges are introduced weekly, ranging from performing certain types of activities or finding hidden objects on the map, and completing them helps you rank up your Battle Pass easier, give you those rewards faster.

Both these Battle Pass Challenges and rewards can be unlocked at your leisure throughout the season, but once a new Season begins, your progress resets, and a new set of rewards and rankings will begin.


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