Martin Lewis, 45, also known as Money Saving Expert or MSE, said understanding basic maths could be “armour” for British consumers.

The MSE, who is an ambassador for national numeracy, challenged Good Morning Britain viewers to a basic maths test.

He was speaking in a special slot on the show for Adult Numeracy Day, which takes place today, Wednesday 16 May.

The test involved a “cans challenge” to work out different types of savings on shopping goods.

But could you pass Martin Lewis’ money test? Passing the adult numeracy test could help you save money, the Money Saving Expert explained.

“One in two people in this country are struggling with basic maths.

“But numeracy is the sword in consumers’ armours,” he said on the programme.

Lining up three sets of cans, Martin asked viewers to guess which was the best money saving offer.

“All of you there, I want to go, I’ve got three deals in a shop, all of them on the same product.

“One is a third off the price, one is 40 per cent off and the third offer is buy two get one free.

He challenged viewers to guess: “Which one of these is the WORST pound for pound deal?”.

The test left two thirds of the GMB team stumped, with only Charlotte Hawkins getting the right answer.

Martin explained the answer: “The one that sounds the best is the worst.

“40 per extra free is not as good as the other deals. A little bit of functional mathematics would really help.”

Earlier this week, Martin Lewis explained how to get a £570 refund on your energy bill with a simple trick.

He explained that anyone who pays a monthly direct debit may be eligible for this refund – and it’s easy to find out.

He said: “With winter long gone (at least via the calendar), this is the perfect time for those who pay energy by monthly direct debit, which is the vast majority, to check if you’ve got too much credit.

This is because energy firms estimate your usage, and then bill you based on their estimates. If those are set too high you can end up overpaying.

Only do this if you’ve been providing regular meter readings, or have a smart meter doing it for you.

“If not, send them a meter reading. Assuming all is up to date go online or call up to check whether you are in credit and if so how much.

“Direct debits are meant to smooth out your usage over the year so normally you’re in surplus going into winter and in deficit after.

“So right now if your credit is more than a month’s worth of bills, ask them for the amount over that back – it can be £100s, and ask them to lower the direct debit going forward.”


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