Martin Lewis, money saving expert, 45, said you could save up to half on your supermarket shop with a savvy trick.

This is because supermarkets stock identical items for different prices, depending on what aisle they are in

“The next time you go to the supermarket, it’s time to turn detective,” he said. 

“Hidden amongst the little used aisles you might find regular food stuff at a much cheaper price.”

“We already know supermarkets in different areas charge different prices for the same items.

“However, one supermarket might stock identical items but have different prices depending on which aisle it is in.”

Martin explained that in the usual condiments aisle, a sweet chilli sauce might cost £1.55.

However in, for instance, the World Food aisle, a sweet chilli sauce might cost  £1.50 for a much bigger bottle.

The deli food aisle was another spot Martin recommended customers to check out.

He found sliced meat cost £2.15 prepackaged in one aisle, but a significant amount less – £1.26 – when bought at the deli counter.

The baking aisle was another great place to look, sellng bags of nuts at a much cheaper price compared to the snack aisle, he said.

Lastly, he added packaged fruit is generally 50 per cent cheaper than loose fruit.

Earlier this month, Martin explained a direct debit trick to save £300 in two minutes.

Speaking on ITV show This Morning, he said: “If you bank online simply go to the direct debits and standing orders page and check for things you no longer use or need. 

“It can range from waste like a gym membership that you never go to (check you’re out of contract), to absurd.

“The cameraman on my show found he was paying council tax for an old property he’d since sold – wasting thousands.”


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