The last Christmas present many are hoping to receive is a big dose of betrayal and irreparable damage to their relationship. However, research has revealed that is exactly what many will get, whether they are aware of it or not. A survey conducted for the Sun on Sunday found a third of people admitted to cheating at the Christmas party. And what is more, 90 per cent of those revealed their partner had never discovered the truth.

The shocking statistics will be come as unwelcome news for faithful Britons in relationships, as they suggest their is a one in three chance their other half has cheated on them.

However, it seems that many who cheat on their partner are not remorseful.

Almost half of those who cheated carried on seeing their new lover behind their loyal partner’s back.

What are the cheating signs to look out for, if worried your partner has done the dirty with one of their colleagues? 

A private investigator revealed that there is one big red flag.

Acting angrily and starting fights for no reason could be a sign of cheating, especially if your partner is a man.

Private Investigator and managing director of Lipstick Investigations David King said: “If men are guilty this can manifest itself as anger.

“Husbands will often manifest anger into a relationship, and this can sometimes work as a way to get out of the house.”

Needing some time to cool down from a fight could be a deception, and cheaters may take this time to see their secret lover, David told MailOnline.

Your partner’s pay grade could also be a sign that they are likely to cheat. found that those who are most likely to cheat earn way over the national average.

Adulterers earn an average of £52,000 a year, after tax, the cheating dating site found.

Christmas is also the time of year that divorce rates rise, by double according to Wilson Nesbitt solicitors.

Cheating at the Christmas party may well be a cause of this.

However, it is thought that financial stress, spending time with the in-laws and having a long chuck of time off work together could contribute to the phenomenon.


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